Candidates for North Andover School Committee

Chris Nobile

Family: Married with sons 4, 7, and 21. Resident of Hillside Road North Andover for 13 years.
Education: Economics & Psychology BA - University of Vermont
Profession: Director for GMAC Bank Correspondent Lending
Over the past 25 years Chris has been recognized as a respected manager, and consensus builder in the mortgage banking industry. His experience includes regular evaluation of financial statements and negotiation of numerous contracts.

“With a child in elementary school I’ve seen the tremendous challenges today’s financial squeeze puts on resources in our schools. But I believe we’re headed in the right direction with a solid School Committee and Superintendent.”

Stanley B. Limpert

Family: Wife, Mary Ann. Two children: Son, Paul, a 2005 North Andover High School graduate (age 20), and daughter, Alison, a junior at North Andover High School (age 16). A North Andover resident since 1984.

Education: Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Work Experience: Over thirty years of management and technology experience in the software and engineering services fields. Twenty-five years as a program and software development executive for Dynamics Research Corporation. Current president of RTSConsult, providing best practice software solutions to major cor-porations and businesses. Former instruc-tor of Integrated Technology Concepts course at North Andover High School.

Community Service: Provided volunteer support to the North Andover Schools, including team leadership for elementary school technology standardization. Current member on the School Facilities Review Committee. Ten years as a Boy Scout leader and Eagle Candidate mentor for Franklin School Troop 87.

Campaign Platform: “I believe a sense of community is one of the most important characteristics of our town. As a 30-year professional manager and executive, long-time resident, parent, school volunteer, and educator, I will take a team approach in order to effectively:

* Work with the entire community to choose our next Superintendent of Schools. * Support a unified K-12 curriculum district-wide. * Encourage better use of technology in our schools. * Prioritize and optimize existing resources. * Review and evaluate best business and educational practices, programs, and trends. * Build relationships with local and state officials. * Listen to individual concerns and seek solutions that will further a quality education for all.”

Mike Quinlan

Family: Mike Quinlan and his wife Lynne have five children and have lived in North Andover for seven years.

Quinlan states that the annual operating costs of North Andover schools represent over two-thirds of our town’s budget and the demand for more school spending outpaces revenue increases every year. He says that we need to focus on controlling costs. “If elected to the School Committee, I will fight to manage costs so that the educational needs of our children can be met within available revenues and without increasing property taxes,” Quinlan says.

Quinlan also says that we are generous to our schools and we should have high expectations for academic results. To ensure this, Quinlan says; “the School Committee must adopt teaching materials and programs that make sense. Enough with experimental curricula and pet projects.” Quinlan says that fiscal responsibility is especially important this year as we negotiate a new teachers’ contract. “North Andover must not sign contracts we can’t afford” Quinlan says.
(Source: www.northandover.org)


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