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Live the WOW!
A simple, yet phenomenal way to put a kick in your step and a special richness in the way you live your life.
And the Best News is you already have all the tools you need right within your reach.

Tom Connors

Imagine living your life with a WOW!  

Imagine jumping right out of bed each morning wide-eyed and bushy-tailed looking forward to all the opportunity and wonder life has to offer you.  Imagine having a perpetual spring in your step and a liveliness that makes others wonder what you are really up to! 

Get a new lease on life this coming New Year!  Change the way you live it!

Think of the way we have come to live our lives. Too often we struggle just to get out of bed every morning. We see the day as a “grind” and we force ourselves to get through. We anticipate one disappointment after another in a dog-eat-dog world where “survival of the fittest” is the motto. 

Fast food restaurants have become the modern day dining table and mother’s and father’s roles have become that of chauffeurs pawning kids off to organized activities with the number of medals earned dictating the quality of parental ability.

And when guilt sets in or our bodies sound an alarm, no need to worry. We can easily rely on the advice of the divorcee next door, “who has seen and experienced it all”, or seek out a professional counselor to dispense some magic elixir in hopes of turning it all around.

I can assure you THAT is no way to live. In fact, it is a waste of precious life; your life and those you love. There is no better time than NOW to begin filling your New Year with one WOW! after another.
You are not alone! Open your eyes and see what you’re missing! People all around you are already living their lives with a WOW!

It’s so easy to go through each day with no goals, no vision and no purpose. That kind of life takes little effort. But, life lived that way always seems out of balance and certainly never rewarding or meaningful. Seems like there is always something missing.

It’s time you wake up!  You were put on this earth for a unique purpose; we all have been. And, no matter how young or old you are, your racial makeup or status you have, it is never too late to start. God wants you to live your life not only with meaning but with a WOW! as well. 

Accept it! God wants nothing but the BEST for you. So, get out of that rut and start realizing there is a better way.  Make the effort to put a WOW! into every thing you do; your personal life, your spiritual life and your work life. When all three come together, the exhilaration will amaze you. You will accomplish more, start seeing the good in people and feel more of a sense of wonder and balance in the world in which you live.

There are people around you who live their lives with a WOW! each and every day. They jump out of bed every morning ready for every opportunity that presents itself because that is what they are looking for and that is what they expect.

Failures are seen as opportunities to learn. Disappointments are recognized as doors opening up to something much better down the road. Guidance and advice are seen as just that; the chance to explore options and set a positive direction.

Most important, these are the people who are successful in every sense of the word. They live life the way it is meant to be lived; fulfilled and with real meaning and accomplishment. It’s not about money for them. It IS about cashing in on all the good life has to offer and banking on it. Come alive again and turn even the smallest things into BIG WOWs!   

How do you bring a WOW! into your life? Start small.  Look all around you.  Take control of even the most mundane aspects of your life and generate an unexpected enthusiasm for them. Take a typical winter’s day and make it anything but. Bundle up and go for a hike with your children. It doesn’t have to involve climbing Mt. Everest. But make it special.  How about a picnic lunch with a red checkered tablecloth and steaming hot chocolate instead of McDonald’s Drive-Thru?  Be creative and make the effort to SEE things and DO things differently.

Try the same thing at work.  Just like we are doing at our company, American Training. Put a WOW! into your job.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. YOU take the initiative to suggest creative and effective policies and proce-dures that make people take notice. Put that unique twist on how YOU do your job so others say WOW!

WOW!s to remember!

Jim Scully, a friend and former Superintendent of Schools in Lawrence, Massachusetts, knew what he was doing when it came to inner city kids. He knew that in order to get them to realize their potential and break out of the rut that was the inner city, he would have to expose them to one WOW! Experience after another.  He bought things like ice skates, canoes and bagpipes in the hopes of introducing his students to activities they would never experience if it were not for his schools.  Kids who took part in those activities to this day still have a lifetime of WOW! Experiences they’ll never forget.

Make it your very own WOW!

Make it different and unique for YOU no matter what you choose to do, no matter how big or small. Make it something that creates an emotional response in your children, your spouse or your colleagues at work. Make it something you, your family, your employer and even your God will talk about for some time to come.  The key, from now on, is to look at life differently and make lifestyle changes in all aspects of your life. Don’t try to change everything all at once. Start off with one thing and keep adding. The important thing is to START TODAY!  It’s your life. 

Now, Make it a WOW!

Tom Connors is President/CEO of American Training, a diverse collection of companies committed to “Bringing Out the Best in Everyone They Touch”.  He believes in living life to the fullest by making the WOW! a regular part of your personal, spiritual and working life.  You can reach Tom at Tom@American TrainingInc.com or by writing to him at Tom Connors, American Training, 102 Glenn Street, Lawrence, MA  01843

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