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Moving Methuen Forward
Methuen Mayor Bill Manzi

Moving Methuen Forward   Cable Competition Comes to Methuen

As I mentioned in my last column, Methuen has taken a giant step towards cable competition by reaching a preliminary agreement with Verizon to license the FIOS cable, phone and Internet system. While Verizon has imposed a statewide moratorium on new negotiations with cities and towns, Methuen pursued these negotiations tirelessly.

I have heard the many citizen calls requesting competition, and it will be a reality shortly. On September 4th at 3:00 p.m. we will conduct a Public Hearing on the Verizon agreement. I look forward to seeing you there and taking your input on this very important matter for Methuen.
Credit Union Agreement

I have reached an agreement with the Methuen Municipal Credit Union on a lease that will benefit the Credit Union and the City of Methuen. As many of you know, the credit union is currently in space at the Searles Building. As they grow it has been apparent for some time that their space is inadequate.

The City has space available at the Quinn Public Safety Building, which is in need of major repair. I will propose a lease of some of that space to our credit union, which will enable us to do repair work to the Quinn Building that is long overdue. The credit union lease will enable the city to do over one million dollars of work to that building, and offer the services of the credit union to a wider customer base. It is a great public/private partnership that will enable us to do necessary work at no cost to the taxpayers.

Playground Equipment

Our Department of Public Works has begun the process of dismantling old playground equipment at the Degaspe Park and at Veterans Park. We will have installed new playground equipment at both parks by next week. This was financed by one-time mitigation money paid to the city by developers. We will continue to evaluate and replace outdated playground equipment in the next fiscal cycle.

Senior Center Roof

The City of Methuen has awarded a bid to replace the roof at our senior center. We have completed the preliminary work, and the actual roof replacement should start this week. This roof replacement was financed with a $50,000 grant from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. My thanks to former Representative Arthur Broadhurst, Representative Linda Dean Campbell, Representative Barbara L’Italien, and Senator Steve Baddour. We all are committed to keeping our wonderful senior center up to date.

If you would like to submit comments to me on the Verizon license, please do so at wmmanzi@ci.methuen.ma.us. Visit my blog at www.billmanzi.com and post your thoughts on the events of the day.

Viva St. Alfio

Congratulations to the St. Alfio’s Society as well as to St Anthony’s Church for a wonderful feast weekend. Many Methuen residents who are members of the St. Alfio Society such as Ray DiFiori and City Council President Steve Zanni, as well as Methuen Councilor Lary Giordanno and former city employee David Baine work all year long to prepare for the Feast of the Three Saints on Common St. in Lawrence and this year it really showed.

Don’t Forget to Vote!

Every American citizen has a right and duty to vote on election day. This year the preliminary elecitons for city council are beingheld on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2007. Polls will be open from 7am to 7pm for the Central and West End districts only.


Precinct 1: Timony Grammar School, 45 Pleasant View Street Precinct 2: Timony Grammar School, 45 Pleasant View Street Precinct 3: Tenney Grammar School, 75 Pleasant Street Precinct 4: Park Garden Apartments Community Room, 10 Burnham Road Precinct 5: Park Garden Apartments Community Room, 10 Burnham Road Precinct 6: Timony Grammar School, 45 Pleasant View Street Precinct 7: Tenney Grammar School, 75 Pleasant Street Precinct 8: Marsh Grammar School, 311 Pelham Street Precinct 9: Tenney Grammar School, 75 Pleasant Street Precinct 10: Timony Grammar School, 45 Pleasant View Street Precinct 11: Marsh Grammar School, 311 Pelham Street Precinct 12: Tenney Grammar School: 75 Pleasant Street.

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