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Most Fall columns are filled with cheer of school openings and the faded memories of over-hyped, over-exaggerated and typically failed override attempts. Fortunately, our local papers and the weekly fish wrap continue to print such drivel. Meanwhile, life moves on. Here are a few updates on things you might not have read in the local papers:

Richie Clough

Former Selectman Richie Clough, surrounded by a small group of family and friends, including his devoted, seemingly tireless wife Nancy, had major surgery again. He lost one leg last year. This August, he lost the battle for his second leg. Two days after surgery, my bride and I visited Richie. Talk about good spirits. He’s determined, despite the loss of both legs, to walk again. “By walker or by tow-truck, I don’t care, I’ll get fitted (for prosthetics) and I’ll walk again. That’s my goal,” he told us.” Brave guy. The Clough family could use our prayers and our support. Cards can be sent to 48 Andover Street. Stay tuned for more info.


I promised a tax assessment update, but with regret, the Summer months have not leant themselves to full analysis. Suffice to say, as reported in the Spring column, some folks received great reductions. Our assessor’s daughter received a 15% reduction, later deemed “an error we’re going to fix” by our assistant assessor. Well, surprisingly, it appears her dad faired pretty well too. See the chart on this page. If you can pick out his tax increase, from amongst his neighbors on the Rock Pond, please send an e-mail to IfoundTheChairmanOfTheBoardOfAssessors@ justgeorgetownma.com. Read into it what you want. We’re still analyzing things and have enlisted others for additional advice and analysis. Hint: It’s not # 14. Free year subscription (you must pick up the paper a your local store) to the winner(s).

Why Georgetown?

A decade or so ago, Georgetown was a mixed-place: seemingly mostly blue-collar workers, nice homes and nice community. Now, it’s gone a tad upscale and the little guy is feeling the squeeze. I still find myself taking very unpopular positions and votes to protect the community from spikes in tax increases. Not a way to become popular or make friends with the jet-setters, but I hope they’ll understand someday. Some have asked, repeatedly, what’s so good about Georgetown? Well, here’s my quick list of just three dozen things that are good about Georgetown:

1. On-call firefighters responding today to a lockout situation (child locked in building, mother more than nervous at her mistake); 2. Many folks of all ages pitching in again (I think first time in eight years) to clean the Penn Brook school (and this time, outstanding); 3. Charlie Mendez taking photos of the above, and taking video of so many things and events in town; 4. The treasures at Sedler’s. When is the last time you spent some time there?; 5. Folks walking their dogs; 6. The friend who asked me to haul some of his kid’s furniture last week; 7. the neighbors who help one another with roof leaks; 8. Our veteran’s agent, Terrance Hart; 9. The Knapps for their tireless efforts for the historic society and other events; 10. George Moker (surprise, surprise) for his tireless dedication to the schools. I might disagree violently with him on funding and negotiations, but you have to give it to the guy, he’s dedicated to his cause, just like Margaret Messelaar who previously served on the school committee; 10. Our PTA. What an outstanding group, past and present!; 11. The folks who don’t let humanity and friendship get destroyed because they disagree on one or two things; 12. Fiscal conservatives if you can find one or two in town. I’m told there are three on the nine-member finance committee; 13. Almost all of my kids’s teachers, from pre-school through high school.; 14. The local K of C and their charity work (yes, I’m a member there); 15. The Summer Concert series; 16. The pool guy; 17. The husband/wife team who own the Napa store and are so tremendously helpful when I ask silly questions; 18. Dinners at Erie station; 19. Country Gardeners; 20. The weekly fish wrap; 21. Camp Denison walking paths and opportunities for taking photos; 22. Soccer in town; 23. Our churches, our priest our pastors; 24. Knowing most of the police officers by name, at your kids events, or just around town when you see them; 25. Mint Chip at Henborg’s; 26. Chocolate covered graham crackers at The Chocolate Cellar (a little personal plug from the owner’s husband here); 26. The high school builder’s club; 27. Three ponds; 28. The extreme mixture of social/economical folks; 29. The infusion of Haverhill kids in our school system (sad the numbers will be reduced moving forward now...); 30. Mike’s Favorite - the best breakfast sandwich at Theo’s; 31. Shirts from Georgetown Clothing; 32. Our pharmacist, Mr. Lamonica; 33. Butchie’s (Stewart’s) oil changes; 34. Bike rides to W. Box. Provisions for lunch; 35. Our seniors; 36. Our conservation agent.

Need I continue? You just need to look around. Sure geography has a bit of an effect, but it’s almost all about people. It’s about your neighbors. Try to do something nice for a neighbor if you can this fall. Folks, send me some e-mail. It would be great to add your items to this list. I could make it 200 items, but this paper is only so big.

September Events:

The Kadet Club - The K of C is resurrecting the Kadet Club. Pay $70 and have a great meal, donate to charity, have a great evening, and possibly win a ton of cash. See www.kadetclub.com for details.

The Merrimack Valley Chapter of Marriage and Family is hosting an event at the Byfield Parish Church: David Parker will headline the night’s event on September 15th, detailing the problems he’s encountered while trying to discuss and explain the inappropriateness of having school officials introduce his kindergarten child to homosexual activities and indoctrination in the Lexington, MA school system. Truly amazing stuff. I’ll post details at www.GeorgetownToday.com.

The board of selectmen have extended an initiation to the schools, the recreation path committee, and the planning board to share with the town their recent activities. Please tune into Channel 9 or Channel 42 for their presentations.

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