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George Peters' Generous Donation
But ... What Now???

As the mayor of Lawrence I am fortunate enough to be able to see things that most others in the community just don’t have an opportunity to see.

Last month, George Peters, Property Director from the Community Action Council came to my office looking for a meeting. With the impending budget crisis I was reluctant because, until a budget is passed by the city council it is nearly impossible for me to gauge exactly how much money is going to be available in the coming months to help such incredible organizations like the Community Action Council.

But Mr. Peters was not seeking a meeting with me because he was looking for something from the city; he was seeking a meeting because he wanted to give something back.

Unbeknownst to most people, George Peters, along with being the property director for the GLCAC Inc., is also an inventor and entrepreneur.

You see, Mr. Peters has invented a device that will save lives. It’s called the WHAT NOW ™ ??? Evacuation Training Aide, a life-sized graphic of a working fire that can be set up by firefighters, safety managers or school officials when practicing for fire drills and emergency evacuations.

Normally, during a fire drill or practice evacuation of a school or office building, emergency workers such as firemen (or teachers in a school building) will stand in front of one of the emergency exits, diverting evacuees to another exit so that those in the drill will be prepared if a fire is blocking an emergency exit in a real crisis.

The problem with this practice is that precious seconds are lost because most evacuees during a drill are automatically drawn towards a fireman or administrator before they realize that the person standing in the doorway is trying to divert them.

With the WHAT NOW™??? ETA however, evacuees can see long before they reach that blocked exit that they need to find another way out of the building.

As amazed as I was to see that George had invented such a device I was even more amazed that Mr. Peters was donating one device for each of our 22 schools. “I made this device to save lives,” George told me. “I can’t think of better way to do that than to start right here in Lawrence with our school children.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Peters’ company, Lancer 1 Inc. has already had a tremendous success with his ETA device in the dorms of Merrimack College, Caritas Holy Family Hospital, GLCAC Inc. Child Care Center, and major corporations (like Raytheon), as well as fire departments throughout New England like: North Andover, Methuen, York Maine, Windham NH, Pelham NH, Yarmouth, Pittsfield, Hanover and dozens of others.

I am always encouraged when I get a visit from people like George Peters who are not looking to get something from the city of Lawrence, but looking to give something back. And I say ‘give back,’ because George himself will tell you how proud he is to have grown up in the city and was even on the Lawrence High School football team.

That’s why, Peters told me, that his company is called “Lancer 1,” because he had the number one on his football jersey as a Lawrence High Lancer.

As chairman of the School Committee, I want to publicly thank Mr. George Peters for his donation of 22 WHAT NOW ™??? ETA devices to our city schools. Yes, Lawrence is Moving Forward, thanks to people like George Peters at Lancer 1.      

( http://www.lancer1inc.com/ETA.htm)
Michael Sullivan is the mayor of Lawrence and is in his second four-year term. You can e-mail him at Sull33@aol.com or call his office at 978-794-5858 and ask for Nora.

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