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Summertime in Georgetown
Georgetown Selectman Lonnie Brennan

Ah it’s Summer. And plenty of it is left for me to try to get in some exercise. How about you? I find that chocolate tends to make my clothes shrink. The bride (newly-weds just 19.5 years) is on me now. So, it’s night walks around Georgetown. It’s amazing what happens when you leave the keys to the car at home, and take the walk. Recently, I was taking the short walk from the fire station to my family’s little shop downtown, when I ran across several folks along the way and had an opportunity to chat.

Ann Lacey is her name. She’s one of many folks who do nice things for this town, and until last week, I had no idea. I came across Mrs. Lacey working on the flowers and tackling some weeds along the Central Street wall at town hall. “Now I know why this place always looks nice” I said. Mrs. Lacey is just one of many, many folks who do nice things for others. I’m glad I stopped for a few moments to say hi. We chatted about the poison ivy down there, and somehow it led to my visit to the wall a few days later, delicately painting some weed-chems on the nasty poison ivy plants to remove them while not disturbing the fine plants nearby. The Georgetown Country Gardeners continue to do a tremendous job on the grounds and around town. More to follow...

Summer Concert Series

If you’ve missed the first few acts, the Summer Concert Series is in its 13th season. Even if you don’t tickle to the title of the band, show up. Bring a blanket and a few bucks to buy you and yours some food from the concession stand. Local non-profits such as the Kiwanis Club and the Knights of Columbus and others offer some nice food and treats. Lawn chairs, lots of people. Check out the bands through www.GeorgetownToday.com.

Car Racing in the Park ‘n Shop

Most Sundays bring small gatherings of racecar enthusiasts to the Park ‘n Shop (formerly known as the Park and Ride). Not NASCAR, but instead, remote controlled cars and trucks of all shapes and sizes, remotely driven by kids and their parents. These events are sponsored by Pratt’s Hobby Shop. A great place to get models of all types. A good way to spend some time on Sundays.

Historic Society Open Houses

Ever want to get an idea what life was like in Georgetown 100, 200, 300 or 350 years ago? You can, right downtown. But the dates are quite infrequent now. Your chances are limited to just a few more Sundays: August 12 and 26, then Sept. 9 and 23, and finally, Oct. 7 as the season closes.

The Georgetown Historic Society provides brief tours and in-depth discussions for those who are interested at the Brocklebank Museum. While most third graders get to experience the tour and the old school house as part of their annual field trips, it’s the adults who seem most amazed when they learn of the many entrepreneurs who began business of all types in Georgetown. And the historic quilts, paintings, wedding gowns, pub items, cooking items, and such, well, some are just amazing. Also. the Brocklebank House (Museum) is now listed as being part of the “Underground Railroad” by the National Park Service.

Right now the Historic Society has high membership (almost 100 on the rolls), but only a handful of active participants. The museum is in desperate need of maintenance (plaster repairs, painting, cleaning) so the Society would absolutely love some new, eager members to help out. My daughters and their friend, Kailyn Perry (the famous mutli-award-winning youth artist) just volunteered to help out. With regret, the Society’s annual ice cream social was cancelled due to lack of works. The younglings have stepped forward and pledged to help with a re-scheduled date, including their families. Anyone who is interested in helping in any way should contact the Society’s new president, our Veterans’ Agent, Terrance Hart. www.GeoretownHistoricalSociety.com.

Recreation/Transportation Path

While I’m generally tickled and thrilled about the prospect of being able to safely take a bike from Georgetown to Danvers, or to Newburyport along the old railroads beds, there are areas of the proposed path that have neighbors who are not as thrilled. Indeed, as I noted in last month’s column, some are questioning the path, the timetable, and want to find out more information. As time progresses, the Recreation Path Committee will be posting information. In the meantime, my phone continues to ring (not as frequently as the flare-up last month), but residents along the path are concerned. As information becomes available, I’ll post it on www.GeorgetownToday.com.

Recycling Committee?

It appears the Brennan family is one of only a handful of homes in this neighborhood that regularly recycle everything we can. I’m hoping to pull together a committee of residents, students, or anyone else who is interested and seeing what we can do to reduce bulk trash disposal in town. Anyone interested? We need a cute name, and we’ll need to toss out some surveys and figure out some partnerships and methods to dramatically change our recycling participation. Wanna play?

Lonnie Brennan is a selectman in Georgetown. You can email him at lonnie@thechocolatecellar.com.

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