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Boston- State Rep. Candidate Maria Marasco (R-Andover) received a campaign boost from Lt. Governor Kerry Healey in Boston last week at her first fund raising event in preparation for her formal campaign announcement for 18th Essex State Representative. The district spans six communities, including her hometown of Andover, North Andover, Boxford, Haverhill, Methuen and Georgetown. The seat is currently held by first term incumbent Barbara L’Italien (D-Andover).  

“Maria is exactly the right kind of person who will best represent her district,” said Healey. “Maria has the right kind of skills to help us reshape government in an effective way,” she said. Marasco supports the governor’s efforts to cut waste and mismanagement in state government.  

“I will stand by the Governor and Lt. Governor to make responsible reforms. As someone with broad experience in both the private and public sectors, I will look at reforms in their entirety, not only to save money, but to redirect scarce funds to where they’ll be needed, not wasted.”  

“I support merging the Mass. Turnpike Authority with Mass Highway to save $20 million annually. Funds saved can be used to improve our schools and increase local aid. The taxpayers’ money will serve our Commonwealth much better in those areas than it would supporting the duplication of services and endless patronage jobs of Beacon Hill insiders,” said Marasco.   A businesswoman and lawyer, Maria Marasco was appointed to help reform government by three previous governors from both parties. Marasco’s business talent helped her effectively manage several state agencies. She served as one of the youngest Executive Directors in state government  

During the 90’s, Marasco worked to reform reporting systems at the state pension fund, developed plans to reduce government backlogs, and assisted all Executive Branch agencies in the state to cut regulations and comply with the 1996 Regulation Reform Project. Marasco currently runs a nonprofit breast cancer early detection center.  

On the issue of gay marriage, Marasco said, “In matters of such monumental social importance, the voters have the sole right to decide. They should be able to vote up or down as provided by our state constitution.” Marasco is personally opposed to changing the traditional definition of marriage and believes it is the optimum structure for raising strong families. In a recent poll published by the Boston Globe, 71 percent of Massachusetts voters said gay marriage should be decided by the voters in a statewide referendum election.  

“The incumbent (Barbara L'Italien) not only voted against the will of the people, she voted against their right to have a voice on the issue,” Marasco said.   Representative L’Italien was quoted in the Eagle-Tribune that she expected the gay marriage issue could help cause her defeat. L’Italien voted against the amendments thus far which would have allowed her constituents the right to vote on this issue.  

Marasco has already enlisted Jean Inman, entrepreneur and former Massachusetts GOP Chairwoman, as her campaign chairman. Inman is best known for serving as state director for Senator John McCain’s campaign for President and has been friends with the Senator since 1997.  

Inman says, “I knew Senator McCain was a special kind of politician when I first met him. Maria Marasco has much of the same dedication and passion for serving. Maria will make a great representative for the people to reform government.”

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