Why I support Tracy Watson for Selectman

In case North Andover voters haven’t noticed, Election Day is on its way. On March 25th, voters in town will be going to North Andover High School, and electing two new members to our Board of Selectmen.

I place particular emphasis on “new” because both incumbent members of the current Board, who would be up for re election, have chosen to not seek an additional term. As a result, we have four very different candidates campaigning to fill the two open seats that will be on the ballot.

Of these candidates, I would like to encourage voters to seriously consider Tracy Watson.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tracy this past fall, as she was considering running for the Board of Selectmen. Upon meeting her I immediately became impressed by not just her grasp of the issues, but by her desire to serve the community.

As a life long resident of North Andover, Tracy told me that she wanted to make sure that her five year old son, Cameron, could grow up in a town that had provided her with so much. Not only did she emphasize a need to strengthen our schools, but also she placed a particular emphasis on community development and attracting businesses to our town.

Tracy talked about the need to encourage responsible commercial growth along routes 114 and 125, as well as revitalizing our downtown.

As a student at Merrimack College, and as a resident of town who lives within walking distance of Main St., this discussion peaked my interest.

Over the past several years, North Andover has seen considerable commercial growth primarily along 114. This growth has provided our community with an increase in revenue, but without sacrificing the character of North Andover.

Tracy has said that she would continue encouraging this responsible growth, by ensuring that this area was appropriately zoned to allow for greater commercial development.

In addition to facilitating commercial growth along 114 and 125, Tracy discussed the importance of our community continuing to assist with the redevelopment of downtown. This includes greater communication and cooperation between our town government, and the businesses and residents of Main St. Tracy stressed that we needed to make sure that we strengthened and sustained downtown’s role as our civic, social, and governmental center of North Andover.

By the end of our conversation, I was confident that Tracy Watson would not only be an excellent and effective Selectman, but she would be a community leader that North Andover would be proud of.

To learn more about Tracy, and the other issues effecting North Andover, please visit her website at www.TracyWatsonForSelectman.mysite.com. On March 25th, please join me in supporting Tracy Watson for Selectmen.

Phil DeCologero, North Andover


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