INSIDE the FEBRUARY, 2010 Edition

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Chaos in Lawrence: How did Lawrence's Finances get SOOO Bad?
-Tom Duggan

Sweeney: Lantigua violated Ethics Laws
Used Rep seat to get ex-wife police job

Lantigua Attorney likens firing employees to Normandy Invasion

Baker: Lawrence Bailout must include Receivership

Is it time for a fiscal control board? - Bob Okoniewski

Tom Duggan's Notebook
ITEMS OF NOTE: Lantigua fails to file campaign finances
A fraud upon the public, those Sweeney signs at council meetings
Coakley signs in Lantigua's office - Degnan/Blanchette looking for "leaks" of public information - Methuen Council Schitzo,

Lawrence Exchange Club Honors Heroes

Comedy Corner, Jeff Dunham

Comedy Corner, Rob SChneider

Eddie Money Rocks Tupelo Music Hall in Salisbury

TV Review

A Couch with a View



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